Community Organizations

Gramercy Research Group is atypical of organizations working in our field in that we believe that faith research and science can and should coexist . We are looking to partner with organizations in our community who agree with our mission and desire to work collaboratively to help improve the health and wellness of its members. We also take a different approach to research. Although we are scientists, we don’t do research for the sake of doing research. Instead, we take our research and review the information as it is collected to immediately help people improve their lives through evidenced-based programs.

Our current initiatives include programs that address positive nutritional and physical activity behaviors, by addressing the barriers that hinder sustainable behavior changes.

Our work is not done only in laboratories. Instead, we are in the community, getting to know people at schools, faith-based centers and civic organizations. Our partners are listed here.


Our community partners are critical for developing successful and sustainable strategies to improve health.”

-Dr. Melicia Whitt-Glover


To find out more about our projects or how we can partner with your community organization, please contact (336) 293-8540.