At Gramercy Research Group, we focus our work on developing, studying and implementing sustainable programs that improve the health and wellness of underserved populations. Gramercy Research Group has the experience of working within the context of (CBPR) as well as social and behavioral research projects. Our scope has currently allowed us to create, monitor and evaluate programs to improve the health of underserved and address health disparities.

We work with adults and students in faith communities, schools and community-based organizations. Our research is currently focused on whether working within supportive communities can help increase physical activity levels and improve nutrition habits in sustainable ways.

Our research is funded by private and government sources, including the National Institutes of Health. Unlike other research organizations, our researchers are not affiliated with a specific college or university.

This unique opportunity allows our expertise to more easily incorporate the  key founding principle of our organization: that faith, research and science should be integrated and exist together. With this grounding, we approach our research in ways that allow us to provide an immediate benefit to the lives of our participants.