At Gramercy Research Group, we combine faith, science and research to develop evidence-based programs that help individuals adopt and sustain healthy lifestyles.

Active & Healthy Brotherhood

Compared to other groups in the United States, African-American men are more likely to have high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease, which increase the risks for early death, stroke, other sickness, and poor life quality.

Policy and Environmental Supports for Nutrition and Physical Activity on College Campuses

College-aged students are at considerable obesity risk due in part to poor diets, low-levels of physical activity (PA), and other negative health behaviors inherent to the college environment.

LADIES for a Better Life Study

The L.A.D.I.E.S. study evaluated three approaches for increasing physical activity in African American women who were not currently doing enough physical activity.

Translating Dietary Trials into the Community

Translating Dietary Trials into the Community was a partnership between Gramercy Research Group and Wake Forest University School of Medicine.

Disseminating Instant Recess

Instant Recess is an evidence-based program designed to improve the health and productivity of school-aged children. It helps teachers and administrators easily incorporate 10-minute, moderate-intensity exercise breaks into the regular school day.

Active Commuting to Schools

The Active Commuting to School (ACtS) study is a program designed to increase the number of children who use a form of active transportation to get to school.