Active Commuting to Schools

Active Commuting to Schools (ACtS)

The Active Commuting to School (ACtS) study is a program designed to increase the number of children who use a form of active transportation to get to school. What is active transportation? Anything that gets you where you are going without using a motor. It can be walking, biking, riding a scooter, skateboarding, or even hopping on a pogo stick. The ACtS study will last for 18 months and will include three components:

Survey – Surveys will be sent to parents, teachers and principals to help us learn about active commuting to school. Participants will receive three surveys over the course of the study.

Educate – A 10-part video series will be shown in classrooms to teach students about the proper rules and guidelines that should be used when actively commuting to school.

Move – Starting in October, Gramercy Research group will work with participants to encourage active commuting to school every day

Walk This Way is a video series that will be shown in the classroom over the course of two weeks. Ten two-minute videos will teach students how to actively commute safely.

More Information

For more information, please contact the study team at (336) 293-8540.